About Madison Creek

Madison Creek's owner/operator, Mike Kilby was introduced to carpentry, building, tools and machinery from a young age, by his father.

Mike began remodeling and building "on the side" while working full time as a journeyman bookbinder. The highly detail oriented bookbinder's trade left Mike with much higher expectations for "good enough" than is typically found in the construction business. He carries those expectations today, and expects it from others working on Madison Creek projects.

Today, Madison Creek can be your "one stop shop", from design development to construction ready plans or we can work from your plans. In either case, our experience puts us perfectly inline to achieve your desired outcome.

At the customers option, for no additional cost, we offer interior design assistance with materials selections including tile and stone, cabinets, countertops, paint & stain, carpet and other materials. Use our experience and knowledge about available materials to help you get the look you want as well as the look that "works".

More about Madison Creek

  • Innovative: The first builder in Arlington to combine geothermal technology and high efficiency building technique with historically accurate detail and style from the Colonial Revival Period. We wanted to show that something extremely energy efficient can be classic, beautiful and modern at the same time.
  • Energy efficiency: One of the greatest values provided by energy efficiency is typically overlooked. Efficient buildings provide greater comfort for inhabitants! Drafts are minimized and these projects support more stable temperature and humidity control. Energy efficient building design fits within most budgets. When you add increased comfort to savings month after month, nothing offers a bigger "bang for the buck"! That is why we love energy efficiency, and we know how to deliver!
  • Green: The term is used to such an extent it has become cliché. However, Madison Creek can go as far as you would like to achieve your green dream. From super energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint to healthy indoor air and use of recycled and sustainable materials. As for indoor air quality, the good news is that many manufacturers have eliminated, or reduced to within acceptable levels, the volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.'s) with which we have become most familiar and concerned. A new home built today is much more "green" in terms of indoor air pollutants than it was ten years ago.